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How to do a lose glitter French Manicure

DeadlyTeaParty Property I had some lose glitter sitting about, so I thought I'd use it to show you how to do a French Manicure with it ... tags: an art beauty Clear cosmetic cosmetics Crystal

Continental Christmas Market, Belfast City Hall

DeadlyTeaParty Property Today I was at the Continental Christmas Market tags: 2011 animals Belfast Bells Carol centre Christmas

New Cosmic Panda Layout (Upgrade): How to use the new layout (Essential basics)

DeadlyTeaParty Property I decided to make a video on how to use the new Cosmic Panda layout HERE IS THE LINK SO YOU CAN TRY OUT THE NEW ... tags: basics become Channel Comment Cosmic deadlyteaparty Essential

World's biggest Christmas Tree

DeadlyTeaParty Property I was out and about tonight. I took these videos at 12 midnight It is now 125 on SUNDAY MORNING UK TIME tags: 2011 beautiful beauty Belfast biggest book centre

Botanic Gardens Palm house: Belfast

DeadlyTeaParty Property I as at the Palm house on Sunday 6th November 2011 tags: Deadly deadlyteaparty Garden Party Property Property (novel) Tea

Bride and Groom walk up the Aisle

DeadlyTeaParty Property This was the wedding I was at I'm just home now, its 12 mid night 63 -- Most Discussed Today -- Travel Events -- ... tags: and Bride (band) celebrations deadlyteaparty Division Of Groom dress dresses

Me signing the guest book and the Bridesmaids group photos

DeadlyTeaParty Property I decided to take a video of myself signing the guest book and took a video of the Bridesmaids tags: and book Bridesmaid Bridesmaids Deadly deadlyteaparty dress

Horsefield Tortoise - Testudo Horsfieldi @ Dobbies Garden Centre

DeadlyTeaParty Property Yet again I ended up at Dobbies Garden Centre Which has the best fish display ever tags: aequifasciatus at Betta Blood Centre deadlyteaparty Discus