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Irene Caro (Facebook) en las jornadas "La Revolución Digital" de Daemon Quest

La directora general de Facebook Espaa ofreci una ponencia sobre 'Hacia dnde van las redes sociales' en las jornadas 'La revolucin digital ... tags: Caro Daemon digital Esic Facebook internet Quest

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero (Google) en las jornadas "La revolución digital", de Daemon Quest

El director general de Google Espaa, Javier Rodrguez Zapatero, ofreci una ponencia titulada 'Tendencias del consumidor online' en las ... tags: consumidor Daemon digital Google Javier online Quest

Studio Update - Daemon Princess, Tervagons, and Ebon Crows

Tervagons Epic Terrain Check out what's in our Scrap Yard Visit us at ... tags: 40k blue daemon malifaux painting studio table

What is a Game Embargo?

IGN realizes there are some video game industry terms that can be confusing, so Ryan and Daemon are here to explain them to you Today's ... tags: 2011 daemon embargo embargoed funny gameplay games

Dead Island vs Deus Ex: IGN Debate

Greg and Daemon from IGN debate on which is a better game buy Deus Ex or Dead Island If you could only get one of these epic video games, ... tags: 2011 daemon Dead dead island debate Deus deus ex

IGN Review Preview - Radiant Silvergun

The retro shooter game Radiant Silvergun is about to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. Find out why you should be excited with IGN and Daemon on ... tags: 2011 daemon funny gameplay games gaming hd

Givro Eterna Amicizia

If you want to know the name of the song or the artist, send me a private message 3This is the version dell'amv 'Givro Eternal Amicizia' ... tags: Amicizia Cozart Cozzato Daemon Elena Eterna famiglia