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Video Explanation - Sign the Petition - Contact your Congressman - tags: act bill censorship congressman free speech internet petition

Ron Paul's Iowa Rise: A Tasteful Joke

11/18/11 Congressman Ron Paul is polling extremely well in Iowa. But how can I effectively make a joke about Ron Paul ... tags: 2012 candidate caucus caucuses christman congressman doctor

Bhanwari Devi case: Another Congressman questioned

Two politicians, both from the Congress, who-were allegedly involved with a nurse, who has gone missing, are being interrogated by the CBI ... tags: case CBI congressman Devi midwife missing questioned

Rep. Ellison: "Grayson is a Proud Progressive"

Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN urges people to support the re-election campaign of former congressman and current congressional candidate Alan ... tags: Bomb Congressman Ellison Grayson guts Keith Money

Esai Morales: If You Know Alan Grayson, You Love Him and You Trust Him

Actor/Activist Esai Morales speaks about his support for former congressman and current congressional candidate Alan Grayson D-Orlando. tags: Bomb Congressman Esai Grayson guts Money Morales

ALERT: Protect IP Bill is WORSE than S.978 and being RUSHED

PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRETY OF THIS VIDEO AS IT CONTAINS CRITICAL INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW to prevent websites like YouTube, Twitter, ... tags: 978 bill congress congressman congresswoman copyright darksyde

Ron Paul: Private Jets, Mad Cash

Ron Paul recently raised almost 3 million through a money bomb but he's spent 1 million on charter flights, more than any other Republican ... tags: air air travel charter charter flights congressman congressman ron paul dollars

Thom Hartmann & Rep. Raul Grijalva - Lending his support to Occupy Wall Street

Thom Hartmann Rep. Raul Grijalva, US Congressman, Tucson, AZ D-AZ, 7th District, discuss the Progressive Caucus and reactions to the ... tags: Congressman progressive Thom Hartmann TucsonCongressmanprogressiveRaul Grijalva

Michele Bachmann Runs a Deficit

10/16/11 Michelle Bachman spent 2 million dollar more than she raised in the third quarter of this year. tags: 2012 bachmann campaign congressman congresswoman deficit fundraising

Worst: Dr. G.Hinshaw, Congressman J.Walsh, Rep. Brad Drake

Why Dr. GD Hinshaw, of Catawba Valley Community College in North Carolina, is WORSE Republican Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois is WORSER ... tags: congress Congressman Countdown Current democratic Democrats DNC

Weekly Video Address: Fast and Furious

During his weekly video address, Senator Chuck Grassley discusses the latest developments in his investigation into Operation Fast and ... tags: agent and Attorney border cartels Chuck Congress