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Nokia Lumia vs iPhone 4 (Design)

Nokia Lumia vs iPhone 4 Back in the day I used to love Nokia phones, mainly for their superior hardware but never for the operating system. ... tags: 800 Apple Buffalo compare ios iphone jon

Samsung Focus S vs. Samsung Focus Flash (Mango Showdown!)

Samsung Focus S vs. Samsung Focus Flash Mango Showdown In New York we were given the opportunity to play with four new Samsung phones and ... tags: Buff Buffalo compare Flash Flash vs Focus S Focus jon


the awkward moment when a preroll ad plays on my video episode 1 of a super classic ellthebag creation. TELLY BALLS this episode explores ... tags: Ads Advertising BAG balls comedy Commercial Commercial Broadcasting

Sesame Street: New York Knicks: Compare

NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudamire explain the word 'compare' to Sesame Street's Grover. tags: amare anthony carmelo compare grover knicks nba

Galaxy S II VS. Skyrocket - Smartphone Smackdown!

Galaxy S II VS. Skyrocket - Smartphone Smackdown On October 2, ATT finally released the HSPA+ enabled Samsung Galaxy S II -- a phone we ... tags: 4G benchmark better compare Galaxy Galaxy S 2 vs Skyrocket Galaxy S II Vs Skyrocket

RoadflyTV - 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec

Vehicle 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec Host Charlie Romero, Ricky Lao RoadflyTV http tags: 8-speed aut car Charlie Romero compare comparison drive

iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 4S - Does 'S' Stand for Speed or Suck?

iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 4S - Does 'S' Stand for Speed or Suck They look and feel identical, but beauty is only skin deep, right Naturally, ... tags: 4S Apple better Buffalo compare iphone iphone 4 vs iphone 4

RoadflyTV - 2012 Mustang Boss 302 0-60 MPH

We had the chance to do 0-60 MPH tests in the new 2012 Boss Mustang. This car is fast... very fast The RoadflyTV crew of Charlie Romero, ... tags: 0 to 60 0-60 302 Boss boss mustang burnout buy

RoadflyTV - 2011 Nissan Quest Minivan Test Drive & Car Review

2011 Nissan Quest Minivan Host Emme Hall For a downloadable window sticker visit http tags: auto automobiles buy car car review cars compare

RoadflyTV - 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Test Drive & Car Review

2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Host Elizabeth Kreft Window sticker http tags: auto Bluedrive buy car car review cars compare