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Waltz #7, Op. 63 (2009) - G. Stolyarov II

This is a waltz in the Classical style, based on two principal alternating melodies, each of which is varied with each repetition through ... tags: 18th 19th century classical commons composition contemporary

March #9, Op. 56 (2001-2003, 2008) - G. Stolyarov II

This short, brisk, lively piano march was composed by Mr. Stolyarov intermittently from 2001 to 2003. It was written down on note paper ... tags: art classical commons composition contemporary creative directed

OCCUPY LONDON: 'Not the Big Society in action'

The Prime Minister believes in the right to protest but it should be done on two feet, instead of lying down, often 'in a fairly comatose ... tags: cameron capital capitalism capitalist cathedral city committee

PHONE HACKING: Murdoch denies seeing 'For Neville' email

The News International chairman says the full importance of the 'For Neville' email was not explained to him and denies being shown any ... tags: charlotte committee commons culture dowler hack hacker

It's official - The Euro is breaking up!

In the House of Commons, Mark Hoban the Financial secretary to the Treasury admits the Euro is breaking up tags: bailouts break Cannes commons conservative currency Democrat

Wikipedia Vs. Encyclopedia

11/01/11 - Between Wikipedia and the more traditional encyclopedia, which is better While there are several different encyclopedias ... tags: Book Books Britannica Commons Encyclopedia Library Reading

PRIME INSULT: 'Ed Miliband is a complete mug'

Insults are flung as PMQs turns into a slanging match between the Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband. Report by ... tags: argument bercow cameron chaos clegg commons conservative

EU REFERENDUM: David Cameron says no to vote

The Prime Minister tells the House of Commons it is in Britain's national interest to stay in the European Union. Report by Adam Sich. Like ... tags: brussels cameron clegg commons conservative david debate