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(Sub) Syria Will Give You Everything

Syria is Tenbi's newest transfer student, and she's taken quite an interest in Takeru What does she plan to do with him in the disused ... tags: adventure animation anime committee element fiction fighting

The Not so Super, Super Committee

Doc Thompson of 700 WLW talks about the super committee and their epic failure to meet any budget reductions at the federal level. tags: 700 Committee Hoffman overmanwarrior Rich Super Thompson

Reactions to Super Failure

11/22/11 The Congressional supercommittee's failure to cut the deficit is provoking strong reactions. tags: bomb cant committee conference congress congressional cut

Debt Debacle American Style

Super Committee failure isn't the end of the world, but it's probably the battlefield for 2012 elections. tags: analysis committee debacle economy election Investment market

White House and MSM Target Alex Jones & More: Infowars Nightly News

the latest on the NYT attempting to link Alex Jones to the alleged White House shooter and Forbes claiming Jones and trends forecaster ... tags: Alex Barack Celente Channel Committee Corzine FBI

Super Committee Super Blows It

11/21/11 The Congressional 'supercommittee' has utterly failed to cut the deficit and save the country, opting instead to ... tags: Cheese committee conference congress congressional cut debt

Did Public Accounts Committee influence 2G loss figure?

The controversy over how the Comptroller and Auditor General CAG arrived at the controversial loss figure in the 2G scam doesn't seem to ... tags: 24X7 Accounts Committee figure loss NDTV PAC