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VOLCANO ALERT - Amazing Footage Of Mount Nyamulagira Spewing Lava 200ft High

Mount Nyamulagira, in Virunga National Park, has been spewing out 200m high fountains of bright red lava since the beginning of November. ... tags: 200ft 2012 africa amazing anon anony anonymous

NASA | Making Tractor Beams a Reality (Eventually)

Tractor beams -- the ability to trap and move objects using laser light -- are the stuff of science fiction, but a team of NASA scientists ... tags: comet nasaexplorer technologycometNASAnasaexplorertechnology

Will YU55 Hit Earth? My Opinion Is....

Why all the changes Scary Brian Williams NBC News Broadcast It is my Opinion that all the ... tags: Astroid Comet Elenin MontagraphAstroidCometElenin

Enormous Plasma Object Stretches Out into the Sun (10-01-2011) ~ SOHO LASCO C2

..observe the geometry and symmetry of the emission before and after the impact from that angle.. LASCO C2 ... tags: 2012 9/11 bluebeam calendar comet crisis deception

NASA STEREO, SOHO - Comet, October 1, 2011

A bright comet headed right towards the Sun and disintegrated Oct. 1, 2011 as observed by STEREO's suite of coronagraphs. It was a ... tags: Ahead astronomy Behind CME comet COR1 COR2

NASA | Incoming Comet; Outgoing CME

A bright comet fell into the sun on October 2, 2011 in synch with a coronal mass ejection bursting out on the other side. Credit ... tags: cme comet coronal mass ejection space esa heliophysics nasa nasa goddard

The comet and the coronal mass ejection

On October 1, 2011, a comet screamed into the Sun and presumably disintegrated. A few later, the Sun erupted in a big blast of magnetic ... tags: Astronomer Bad CME comet coronal mass ejection satellite SOHO

Rocket City Rednecks - Watermelon Defense

Rocket City Rednecks Hillbilly Armageddon TUE OCT 5 9p et/pt Travis creates a homemade robot wielding a ... tags: asteroid video comet huntsville Travis Taylor trebuchetasteroid videocomet