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PRIME INSULT: 'Ed Miliband is a complete mug'

Insults are flung as PMQs turns into a slanging match between the Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband. Report by ... tags: argument bercow cameron chaos clegg commons conservative

EU REFERENDUM: David Cameron says no to vote

The Prime Minister tells the House of Commons it is in Britain's national interest to stay in the European Union. Report by Adam Sich. Like ... tags: brussels cameron clegg commons conservative david debate

Great Britain Bites back

Out of sight of British voters Andrew Duff and the small minded Liberal Democrats run our country down tags: Andrew Britain British Brussels Clegg Commission Democrats

Nick Clegg: 'We face a long, hard road on the economy'

The Liberal Democrat leader tells his party the outlook has worsened for the global economy but the deficit reduction programme is on the ... tags: banker bankers banking banks clegg credit crisis

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg speaks at Liberal Democrat Conference

09/21/11 Nick Clegg makes a plea to his Liberal Democrat party members to stay with them as they continue to make 'tough' ... tags: CLEGG COALITION CONFERENCE DEM DEMOCRAT DEPUTY ECONOMY

Nick Clegg: 'UK rioters had nothing to lose'

The Liberal Democrat leader announces a 50m summer school scheme for children who need help bridging the gap between primary and ary ... tags: birmingham clegg cracks croydon dem democrat democrats

Rioters to 'clean up their mess': British deputy PM

Convicted rioters who went on the rampage in Britain will be set to work clearing up communities they devastated, Deputy Prime Minister ... tags: BRITAIN CLEGG JUSTICE POLITICS UNRESTBRITAINCLEGG

Nick Clegg says rioters and looters should be forced to apologise to victims

Convicted rioters and looters should be forced to apologise to their victims face-to-face as part of a 'payback scheme'. That's one of the ... tags: CLEGG COMMUNITY CONVICTED LOOTERS NEWS PAYBACK RIOTERS

Funny masked idiot explains his reasons for looting & rioting in Manchester

Masked pathetic idiot explains his reasons for taking part in the rioting and looting in Manchester. Saw this on Sky News I honestly didn't ... tags: Blaze Blazing Boris Cameron Chav Chavs Clegg

Clegg visits London riot site

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has visited homes and businesses burned down during riots in London, as fresh skirmishes broke out ... tags: BRITAIN CLEGG POLICE UNRESTBRITAINCLEGGPOLICE