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Black Entertainment Industry Selling Power, Prestige, Slavery

11/17/11 G4T talks with DJDice in South Coast Plaza about consumer slavery and black culture in America Hey Thanks for checking out ... tags: awake class warfare confidence consumerism costa mesa ego galleria

Poll: Govt Should Fight Income Inequality

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans want the government to pursue policies that would reduce the income disparity in the United ... tags: americ america liberal class warfare gap rich poor government rich income inequality income redistribution

Grayson: It's Class Warfare vs. Class Surrender

Alan Grayson D-Fla. appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to combat the misguided remarks of Rep. Paul Ryan R-Wisconsin regarding the income gap ... tags: Alan Class Warfare Grayson MSNBC Paul Ryan Rep The Ed Show

Occupy Austin Protestors March on Chase Bank Occupy Wall Street |

10/18/11 Occupy Austin Protestors march on Chase Bank Occupy Wall Street Has corporate greed gone too far Does money play too ... tags: anonymous Austin Texas banks Chase bank class warfare corporations corruption

Occupy Wall Street: Does Rising Income Inequality Threaten American Democracy?

Does rising income inequality pose a threat to American democracy This question has long been taboo in American politics. Yet as 'Occupy ... tags: class warfare democracy income gap income inequality middle class Occupy Wall Street poor

President Obama's News Conference on the American Jobs Act

The President said, I hope every senator thinks long and hard about what's at stake when they cast their vote on the Jobs Act. October 6, ... tags: Ben Bernanke billionaires bridges class warfare college congress deficit

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed And Class Warfare

Please Enroll Responsibly Link By Lee Doren Folks, this is my ebook, which you can buy for .99 cents. I hope you'll enjoy ... tags: Barack Obama Class Warfare Equal Rights Equality Gay How How The World Works