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Rifkin: "L'Italia ora deve puntare su giovani e rete"

Intervista di ANNA MASERA. Servizio di DARIO MIGLIARDI videointervista con sottotitoli in italiano. molto interessante - tags: animate Arts Civilisation Civilization Empathic empathy evolution

Civilisation: Is the West history?

Historian Niall Ferguson explores the changing global balance of power. Chaired by Krishnan Guru Murthy. tags: civilisation civilization global history international relations krishanan guru murthy naill ferguson

The Empathic Civilisation

Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ... tags: Animate Civilisation Empathic HQ TheAnimateCivilisation

AMAZON TRIBE: Warning after park ranger shot by arrow

Authorities in Peru have made contact with an isolated Amazon tribe but are warning people not to approach them after a ranger was shot ... tags: amazon bow and arrow civilisation park ranger rainforest river shot

Catane, L'île de la plantation !

Retrouvez le jeu Catane sur Construisez vos villes, vos routes, en profitant au mieux des ressources de cette le si ... tags: civilisation filosofia fnac history jeu risk socit

Modern Family - A Semisong

10/03/10 A little piece that speaks to what the silencing of community means today. Lyrics I won't be your modern family. ... tags: civilisation civilization dance family hop music nbc