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Xenoblade Chronicles: US Trailer

The epic Japanese game Xenoblade Chronicles has finally been announced for a US release on the Nintendo Wii. It's time to get excited this ... tags: 2011 Chronicles gameplay gaming hd ign ignentertainment

Notch Steps Down From Minecraft & Xenoblade Details - IGN Daily Fix 12.02.11

The Japanese game Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the US, Sony debunks a Vita rumor is your phone spying on you Find out on the IGN ... tags: 2011 cell chronicles gameplay games gaming hd

White Knigh Chronicles II Quest: The Fog of War II Online S Rank 2/2

Accidently transformed but it ended up saving the day by using Turn Break and cancelling Luthia's deadly attack tags: 10 2/2 Ashe Chronicles Fog II Knigh

The Chronicles of Four Minecraftians 11: Potions Class

We're learning how to make potions now Woohoo... Hey wait a . Mundane What the fuck. With Sages as Harry Potter Kish as Professor Snape ... tags: 15 catpaw chronicles Dungeonkeeperkish four Kish minecraftians

White Knight Chronicles II [HD] Desert: Free Monster Hunting Quest 3/5

Part 3 Im showing my Knight Ultima in action here against the Super Fire Giant Golutus tags: 1/5 10 Ashe Chronicles Desert: Free Hunting

White Knight Chronicles II [HD] Forest: Free Monster Hunting Quest 1/3

New quest, each free hunting quest got 3 bosses which are very tough, really need at least 4 people but overall these quests are great for ... tags: 1/3 10 Ashe Chronicles Forest: Free Hunting