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Stanley Fish: Liberal Arts Ed. Needs No Justification

Complete video at Stanley Fish, professor of law and humanities at Florida International University, rebuts arguments against the ... tags: art arts chautauqua classics college culture curriculum

The Confederacy Politics Behind the Slave Trade

Complete video at Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Gordon Wood explains that while the end of the international slave ... tags: abolition chautauqua confederate economic economics fora

$25 Incubator Shows Good Design Can Save Lives Affordably

Complete video at Stanford's co-founder George Kembel delivers an update on former student projects, including an ... tags: baby chautauqua cost creative design designers effective

What Can Five Wet Monkeys Teach Us About Creativity?

Complete video at Col. Casey Haskins, an accomplished military officer and professor at West Point Academy, argues that one of the ... tags: casey chautauqua creative critical culture example fora

Microsoft: A Case Study in Corporate Success (And Failure)

Complete video at Dev Patnaik, CEO of Jump Associates and author of Wired to Care, examines how a company like Microsoft can be ... tags: 360 business chautauqua company dev fora

Dr. Hawa Abdi's Message to 21st Century Women

Complete video at Dr. Hawa Abdi, a Somali doctor who runs a hospital and refugee camp that cares for over 90000 people, shares her ... tags: abdi activism activists africa african aid chautauqua

Dr. Hawa Abdi: What Somalia Needs Now

Complete video at Hawa Abdi expresses her distrust of the international community in fighting the famine that is killing Somalis and ... tags: abdi africa aid assistance care chautauqua crisis

Are Women Iran's Secret Weapon?

Complete video at and foreign policy analyst Robin Wright argues that education and family planning efforts in Iran have changed the lives ... tags: birth chautauqua civil climate control educated education

Why Are Americans Queasy About the CIA?

Complete video at David Ignatius ponders the unease that has historically been attached to the CIA in the minds of Americans. 'At ... tags: agency breaking britain central chautauqua david fora

Housewife Superspy? Former MI5 Head Stella Rimington on Leaving Anonymity

Complete video at Rimington, former director general of MI5, recalls the complications and tabloid-fueled controversy that followed her ... tags: anonymous british chautauqua chief director discrimination fora