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SH!T that Siri Says

How long before Siri is considered an accessory to a murder Sesame Street Porn Sesame Street Katy Perry ... tags: Apple Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish Facebook imcellphish Internet

Apple holds Lets Talk iPhone Event and Facebook Tracks you

The SFW Version for the kids Thieves Steel Porsche Gamer Rage Facebook Tracks You ... tags: Ashton Kutcher Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish Demi Moore Facebook Gamer Rage

Stripper Pole Dance Off

I think I made it through this video without swearing.... crazy Facebook Netflix Battle Funny Laundry XBOX SWAT ... tags: Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish Facebook Funny imcellphish Internet

Justin Bieber Fan is crazy (NSFW)

Had to shoot fast without power in the studio Justin Bieber Fan Nike Shoe Twitter FB ... tags: Back to the Future Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish imcellphish Internet Justin Bieber

iPad P0rn and 6 packs (NSFW)

Todays show is a day late and a dollar short Bike Charger Groupon Tuition Assistace Bathroom for rent ... tags: 6 pack Ass Batteries Not Included Bicycle Bike BNI cellphish

Megan Fox ruptured breast implants

I say FCK a lot in the video... you have been warned Breast Implants Facebook Drinkers Twitter ... tags: Baby Batteries Not Included BNI Car cellphish Facebook Hot

Burn your bra with Hottest Chick in Hard Rock

Get off your butt and click the link to vote already Beer Can Antenna Combat Gnomes Burn Your Bra ... tags: Antenna Batteries Not Included Beer Beer Can BNI Bra Breasts

VidCon2011 Day 1 - someone might die

Check the rest of the night out over on MichaelWarbux's channel Twitter FB Channels 1st ... tags: Batteries Not Included BNI Cell cellphish imcellphish Mr mrcellphish

Facebook says your pregnant

What do you think about Facebook pregnancy statuses Scripted Version Oxygen in Space Bedphones Cosmo for ... tags: Batteries Not Included Bedphones BNI Cell cellphish Cosmo For Men Facebook

S3X or Cellphone you choose

Would you choose your cellphone over sex Glowing Dog Newt Twitter Foxconn Robots Angry Birds Bras ... tags: Angry Birds Apple Batteries Not Included BNI Bra cellphish Dog

VidCon 2011 and Chive Girls oh my

Are you going to VidCon Microsoft Apologizes Fake Apple TI Web browser Sexy Chivers Twitter ... tags: Amy Winehouse Apple Batteries Not Included BNI Cell cellphish China

Google+ Kicks Anon

What to do you think about Apple's move against Adobe Emma Watson AnonPlus Hacked Toyota Windows Apple vs Adobe ... tags: Adobe Anon Apple Batteries Not Included BNI Cell cellphish