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Alarm Clock -- Music Video by Flula

Free Ringtone For You Alarm Clocks can be a 'usefulls' thing. But many times I hate those good, and I express it now to you. Dev, ... tags: alarm borg clock deutschland djflula erlangen head

Balls To The Wall, This Is Not Effektive (9:01am)

I do not total understand this statement Balls to the Wall. Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula ... tags: balls balls to a wall balls to the wall borg chair djflula effektive

Grimm Fairy Tail by Flula - Little Red Ride Hood (Rotkäppchen)

A new show is now on NBC with my good friend David inside it, it is about the Grimm Brother stories from Germany. I tell for you the first ... tags: borg djflula dont fairy flula grandma grimm

Happy as the Clam? No. (10:12am)

Today another Idiom Happy as a Clam or what. Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula Shirts // ... tags: 11 barney borg clam djflula erlangen fish

Shoot the Sh#t? Absolute Not. (1:21am)

I explore Idiom, 'shoot the shit.' Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula Shirts // ... tags: borg bucket djflula erlangen flula german idiom

Siri, Hot Dogs, Milk! - I Have Ten Minutes (Tell Me What To Do)

I have Ten with the iPhone 4S and Siri, the Voice Command Lady Tell Me What To Do Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // ... tags: 4s apple borg deutschland djflula dog dogs

"Playa Time: Dust to Dust" - Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse

Watch in 1080HD For prints and access to raw images signup at From dust to dust, this time lapse covers over 5 weeks including the ... tags: black rock city black rock desert bomb BORG BRC Burn burning

Airplane Bathroom Shower - I Have 10 Minutes (Tell Me What To Do)

I do attempt a 'Shower Time' in the bathroom of an airplane Danke to mandy_gryffin for great suggesting of this You may follow me on ... tags: airplane Airport bath bathroom borg clean deutschland

Don't Look A Gift Horse In Mouth? - Oh Please, To Look Is Probable Okay (7:31am)

My 'friend' Tom did introduce me a new idiom, 'don't look the gift horse in the mouth.' I do not agree with this. Follow Flula Hier // ... tags: boo borg deutschland djflula flula german germany

Shooting Fish In The Barrel, Why Is It That? (5:44am)

An early-at-morning thought about new idiom I did learn Like Shoot Fish in a Barrel.Follow Flula Hier // Flula Hier // Shirts // tags: barrel borg cake CD deutch deutschland erlangen