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Infinite Minute #7: M104, The Sombrero Galaxy Contains the Largest, Closest Black Hole

11/24/11 Yes, this is the upload of this video. The first one contained a glaring error where I said that M104 was 28 million miles ... tags: astronomy black holes cosmology galaxies hubble space telescope space tdarnell

Space Fan News #41: JWST Saved; Hawking Loses a Bet, Cygnus X-1 Exists

11/19/11 NASA Budget and JWST Saved Ready to build JWST Cygnus X1 Exists tags: astronomy black holes cygnus X1 hawking NASA space tdarnell

NOVA | The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space? | PBS

The Fabric of the Cosmos What Is Space With Brian Greene premieres Wednesday, November 2 at 9PM/8c on PBS. Space, far from being empty, is ... tags: black holes comic con dark matter Elegant Universe Is NOVA

NASA | Afterschool Universe: Supernova Can Crunch

Afterschool Universe is an out-of-school-time astronomy program for middle school students that explores basic astronomy concepts through ... tags: activity black holes education lesson stars supernovaactivity