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Big Cat Rescue Videos - 2 by Popular

SUMATRAN TIGER - Vanishing Species...

There are only an estimated 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, loss of habitat is a major factor in the decline of this species. ... tags: APP Big Cat Rescue cost greenpeace Habitat destruction Help Indonesia

Slow Motion Lion Yawn

Funny clip of Nikita the lioness yawning See more of Nikita here... BIG CATS MAKE BAD 'PETS' NIKITA VS BIG YELLOW BOOMER ... tags: angry Big Cat Rescue Caracals cats cool crazy cuddly

Big Cats of America

Did you know there are more than 5000 tigers in the USA, most of whom are being exploited for entertainment or being kept as 'pets' YOU ... tags: Attacks Big Cat Rescue black panther circuses Cougar donate entertainment

Stadium Toyota Party for Toyota's 100 Cars for Good

Big Cat Rescue won a Toyota Tundra in Toyota's 100 Cars for Good contest on YouTube. See the party that took place at Stadium Toyota on Nov ... tags: Big big cat rescue carole baskin Cat Rescue stadium toyota toyota tundra

3 Tiger Rescue Prep

How does Big Cat Rescue prepare to rescue 3 Tigers Lots of planning and preparation goes into a major rescue like this, which is all made ... tags: 100 animal Big Cat Rescue Big Cats black cubs dangero

I WANT PIZZA! (Boxes) Tiger Edition

Big Cats love pizza too .... well pizza boxes .... Big Cat Rescue is always trying new enrichment ideas and recently discovered that our ... tags: amazing Big Cat Pizza Big Cat Rescue Black leopard Cats love pizza Cats vs boxes cute

How do you pill a BIG cat?

HOW DO YOU PILL A TIGER Big Cat Rescue is home to 100+ Tigers, Lions, Leopards and more, many of our residents require veterinary care, ... tags: animal care attack Big Cat Rescue Big Cats Black Panther easy Florida

BIG CATS vs Pumpkins!

BIG CAT HALLOWEEN Watch Tigers, Lions, Leopards and more 'carving' pumpkins at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, Florida... The big cats love to ... tags: attack Awesome bear Big Cat Rescue crazy cute enjoy

Smiling Big Cats!

Smiling Tigers ... Big Cat Rescue is the world's largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats We are a non profit educational ... tags: amazing animal Big Cat Rescue Big Cats bobcat co cute