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Astronomy Videos - 3 by Popular

NASA SDO - Triumvirate Coming Around

One large and two good-sized, energetic active regions were rotating into view Nov. 1-2, 2011. Note how the magnetic connection between the ... tags: active AIA AR1339 astronomy Dynamics EVE extreme

NASA | Fermi Finds a Youthful Pulsar Among Ancient Stars

In three years, NASA's Fermi has detected more than 100 gamma-ray pulsars, but something new has appeared. Among a type of pulsar with ages ... tags: astronomy Fermi gamma ray nasaexplorer pulsar starsastronomy

Space Fan News #38: How Often Do Galaxies Collide? CERN Gets a Do-Over; 7 Billion People

There's a blog now http Galactic Collision Rate Faster Than Light Experiment Run Again ... tags: astronomy CERN cosmology neutrinos space tdarnellastronomy

Asteroid 2005 YU55

An aircraft carrier-sized asteroid will make a safe, close flyby of Earth on Nov. 8, 2011. tags: 2005 approach Arecibo asteroid astronomy closest comets

NGC 281 in 60 Seconds (High Definition)

High-mass stars are important because they are responsible for much of the energy pumped into a galaxy over its lifetime. tags: Astronomy Astrophysics Chandra Satellite X-rayAstronomyAstrophysics

NASA - Solar Cycle

The number of sunspots increases and decreases over time in a regular, approximately 11-year cycle, called the sunspot cycle. The exact ... tags: 11-year astronomy Cycle Dynamics Little magnetic Observatory

The Geomagnetic Storm at Perry Lake, Kansas

On Monday, October 24th, 2011, at approximately 100 PM, Earth was struck by a coronal mass ejection. The impact strongly compressed Earth's ... tags: 2011 astronomy borealis footage geomagnetic kansas meteor

Deep Astronomy Vlog #4: The Heartbeat of Hubble

Christ, there's a blog too Here's some footage from an artistic display that was running concurrently with the JWST ... tags: astronomy baltimore JWST tdarnell Video Bloggingastronomybaltimore

Beautiful Full Moon Rise through 900mm Telescope 4x timelapse V10189

Some nice footage of last night's full moon rise, using a Celestron 900mm telescope and 2x optical teleconverter, resulting in an 1800mm ... tags: 4x 900mm astronomy California camera Clarita constellations