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Lenon Honor How to Decode Media Manipulation 3 of 4

To view this video in full visit To download the full 12 hour video series visit Visit my new ... tags: 911 ABC News Al Archetype Comic books Gaddafi lone wolf terror

Lenon Honor Star Trek Decoded Part 10 of 10

10/28/11 This video is part of my expanded work 'The Borg Agenda, 7 of 9, and the Sexualization of Technology'. ... tags: Africa African Archetype Films Geordi laforge hollywood Honor

Horror Movie Cliche Number 37: The Helpless Victim

Since the begining of the horror movie there has always been the achetype of 'the helpless victim,' here in this video are two examples of ... tags: 37 archetype Beast bieber Blood broadway Cameras

Ownership | Myles Dyer

Ownership is essential in a world of scarcity, but with the mass production of goods in the 21st century, is it possible that we could make ... tags: 376 Album Archetype Blade376 Blue Books Capitalism