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Animal Welfare Videos by Popular

Lukas on Time Warner

01/27/11 Lukas in the spotlight - Time Warner CNN Headline News and best friend Karen shares some fun info. tags: advocate animal animal welfare clicker cognition funny Guinness

Where is Our Food Coming From?

See how most farm animals are raised in the United States and how going meat-free even one day a week can help prevent animal cruelty. tags: amazing gra amazing grace animal animal protection animal welfare animals chicken

Let's Rise and Shine!

Shelters and rescue groups find homes for millions of pets looking for a loving family every year. Join The HSUS in celebrating these ... tags: Adopt Animal animal protection animal welfare animals Cat Video Cats

Ted Turner Protects Prairie Dogs

Business mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner talks about why it's so important to protect this country's prairie dogs. The Prairie Dog ... tags: animal Animal Protection animal welfare animals dogs Feel Good help animals

New York Cockfighting Rescue

New York state police call in The HSUS Animal Rescue Team to help with dozens of roosters in remote rural area. tags: animal animal protection animal welfare animals cockfight fight help animals

Humane Elephant Contraception

Scientists have found the best, most humane way of keeping elephant populations in check in Africa. tags: africa animal animal protection animal welfare animals elephant elephant contraception

More Than 500 Dogs Rescued in Quebec

Humane Society International helped rescue more than 500 neglected dogs in historic seizure in Quebec. tags: Animal Welfare humane society youtube youtube canada dogs rescueAnimal Welfarehumane societyrescue animals

Volunteer Abroad Costa Rica Conservation & Social Programs with

09/14/11 - Costa Rica, despite being such a tiny nation, draws well over a million visitors every year - and you can see why. ... tags: abroad abroaderview animal welfare charity conservation costa rica donations

Undercover investigation at Cheale Meats

WARNING This film contains scenes that viewers may find disturbing. The film -- which was recorded on a number of secretly installed ... tags: animal welfare Cheale Meats Elmkirk Ltd factory farming food pigs slaughter

From Farm to Fork

This thought provoking film is ideal for stimulating discussion and debate about the way we rear animals for food in Britain today. The 16- ... tags: animal rights animal welfare animals chicken education factory farming food

Ladybugs To The Rescue

Eucalyptus trees, a non-native species in California, are being overtaken by another non-native species, the Red Gum Lerp. But there to ... tags: animal protection animal welfare animals cute Eucalyptus Eucalyptus trees help animals

"O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth" YouTube Video Contest

Upload your video performance of 'O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth,' in your styletraditional, contemporary, acoustic, rock, gospel, ... tags: animal protection animal welfare animals cat cats contest cute