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QP vs Donnie Menace - AHAT 42 Double Homicide Rap Battle

AHAT 42 Double Homicide co-main event QP vs Donnie Menace. QP from Stockton California who has battled in Grind Time Da Jungle is pitted ... tags: ahat 42 allhiphopallthetime artisan conceited da jungle dizaster doms

AHAT 42 Double Homicide sneak preview

Sneak preview video of AHAT 42 Double Homicide featuring Doms, KON, Trigaaah, Grinda, QP, Donnie Menace, Genie, Mic Phenom, Gotti, and ... tags: 8 mile allhiphopallthetime aye verb conceited dizaster double homicide fight klub

CB vs Royal T AHAT tryout battle

AHAT new-comers CB Royal T tryout in AHAT California division Barz Stripez. Hosted by RB da MC. tags: 41 ahat allhiphopallthetime california conceited dizaster flip top

AHAT- Rap Battle - Daine vs Juice

AHAT 41. Las Vegas emcee Daine travels to Riverside California to battle Juice from the Barz Stripez division of AHAT. Daine has made a ... tags: allhiphopallthetime arsonal barz & stripez conceited flip top grind time hoffa

Rap Battle - Trigaaah vs Theory - AHAT 41

Trigaaah an AHAT veteran travels from Las Vegas to Riverside California to battle Theory a 6'9 MC from the Barz Stripez division of AHAT. ... tags: allhiphopallthetime barz dizaster dna grind time head ice hiphop

AHAT 42 Double Homicide (trailer)

Here's the trailer for AHAT 42 Double Homicide November 20 at Club Azul 115 7th Street, Las Vegas NV 5-9pm. Featuring AHAT's first 2-on-2 ... tags: 42 allhiphopallthetime doms donnnie genie gotti grinda

AHAT NEXT Epic vs Mass Production

AHAT NEXT are the battles of new-comers to the AHAT Battle League who are building up experience and a following before they make an ... tags: ahat allhiphopallthetime battle epic Hip Hop las

AHAT 42 Double Homicide Nov 20 @ Club Azul 5-9pm

On November 20 at Club Azul Club 115 7th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101 from 5-9pm AHAT 42 Double Homicide featuring Doms KON vs Trigaaah ... tags: 42 allhiphopallthetime california ceas doms donnie double

AHAT NEXT - Rap Battle Kass vs Bleuski Blew

AHAT NEXT are the new-comer to the AHAT battle league and are building experience and fans before they battle on the AHAT main stage. ... tags: 2011 ahat allhiphopallthetime artisan battle blew c-knight

AHAT Rap Battle Theory vs Candyman

AHAT Barz Stripez present this battle between 10 ranked MC in AHAT Theory facing Candyman. Theory is known for his comical bars and his ... tags: allhiphopallthetime aye-verb barz battle candyman empire hiphop

Ice Cube talks about battle rap

After Ice Cube's performance at the Lowrider Super Show in Las Vegas he takes a moment to talk with OD about his upcoming mixtape with his ... tags: 2011 allhiphopallthetime dr dre dub c eazy e friday gangsta