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Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 48 - Adventurecraft: Mayan Temple (Part 2 of 3) [Minecraft]

I continue my adventures with Adventurecraft, a mod for Minecraft. The music is 'Ten Feet Below Two Million' by Derek R. Audette and has ... tags: adventurecraft Ajaxx mayan Minecraft mod Nathan plugin

Let's PVP in Minecraft: Aug. 12, 7:30 PM PST

Time 730 PM Pacific Standard Time, Aug. 12 Passphrase '20 Cooler' Server IP I'll be wearing my Captain Picard skin. Timezone ... tags: Ajaxx lets Minecraft play player PVP versus

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 42 - The Almighty Copy/Paste [Minecraft]

In this episode I use World Edit to move a giant bridge built by new members Jackpody and GussGriswold. The music is 'Ten Feet Below Two ... tags: Ajaxx bridge edit Mojang move Nathan Wells

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 41 - Die Hard with a Furnace [Minecraft]

In this episode I, along with Littlebrick/poopcake, blott, sublimelabs, UniLego, and wenchance throw a going away party for cartoonkid by ... tags: Ajaxx explosion fail furnace Mojang Nathan TNT

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 38 - Achievement Get! Sonic Rainboom [Minecraft]

In this episode I return to Pixel Art Land to check out Hazzat's completed pixel art of Equestria's fastest pegasus, Rainbow Dash Equestria ... tags: 20% Ajaxx Art bro Celestia charizard cooler

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 39 - On the Highway Through Hell (Part 4 of 4) [Minecraft]

In this episode we finally escape from the Nether and explore the exciting new countryside The music is 'Ten Feet Below Two Million' by ... tags: Ajaxx explore Mojang Nathan nether outland Pickaxe

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 37 - Double Monster Grinder [Minecraft]

In this episode I check out a DOUBLE monster grinder that was discovered by BestTux and cartoonkid and built by Littlebrick. The music is ... tags: Ajaxx besttux cartoonkid double dungeon grinder Littlebrick

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 36 - Littlebrick's Dome [Minecraft]

The wait is over In this episode I check out Littlebrick's epic dome. Will all its secrets be revealed Littlebrick's video tours of his ... tags: Ajaxx dome Littlebrick Mojang Nathan Pickaxe Pixelated

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 35 - On the Highway Through Hell (Part 3 of 4) [Minecraft]

In this episode our expedition makes excellent progress through the Nether by drilling through Netherrack mountains and buildings ... tags: Ajaxx ghasts lava Mojang Nathan Nether Pickaxe

Pixelated Pickaxe Ep. 33 - On the Highway Through Hell (Part 2 of 4) [Minecraft]

In this episode I continue my adventures with a bunch of other people as we tunnel through the Nether. The music is 'Ten Feet Below Two ... tags: adventure Ajaxx fire ghast Mojang Nathan Nether