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NASA SDO - Fast Moving CME

On Saturday, November 26, 2011 a solar flare hurled a coronal mass ejection CME at about 930 km/s or 2 million mph into Space. This fast ... tags: active AIA astronomy aurora CME Coronal Dynamics

NASA SDO - Big Spot Front and Ce

Probably the largest sunspot that we have observed in several years has rotated to the center of the Sun Nov. 6-8, 2011 as viewed by SDO ... tags: active AIA AR1339 astronomy Dynamics Earth EVE

NASA SDO - Three in Profile

Three energized active regions that were lined up latitudinally along a North-South line rotated into profile view at the Sun's edge and ... tags: active AIA astronomy Dynamics EVE HMI Observatory

NASA SDO - Triumvirate Coming Around

One large and two good-sized, energetic active regions were rotating into view Nov. 1-2, 2011. Note how the magnetic connection between the ... tags: active AIA AR1339 astronomy Dynamics EVE extreme

NASA SDO - Long Distance Connection

The magnetic field lines of two active regions on the Sun gradually reached across about one-third of the Sun and connected with each other ... tags: active AIA astronomy Dynamics EVE fiel HMI

NASA SDO - October 4, 2011; The Final Eclipse

Today marks the end of the Fall Eclipse Season. Until the Spring Eclipse season SDO will have an uninterrupted view of the Sun. Today's ... tags: AIA astronomy Dynamics Earth eclipse EVE fall

NASA SDO - October 1, 2011 Double Flares

On October 1, 2011 around 1017 UT two solar flares erupted within a very short period of time. One originated out of active region 1302 and ... tags: active AIA astronomy aurora Dynamics EVE field

NASA SDO - Spewing Flare Event

The Sun popped off an M-Class moderate level flare on Sept. 25, 2011 that sent a plume of plasma out above the Sun, but a good portion of ... tags: active AIA astronomy Dynamics Earth EVE flare

NASA SDO - X1-Class Solar Flare, September 22, 2011

At 1100 UT the new active region coming over the limb peaked at an X1-class solar flare. Here is a look at this event in various ... tags: active AIA astronomy Dynamics EVE flare HMI

NASA SDO - September 21, 2011 Eclipse

Today's eclipse, where Earth moves once again between the SDO spacecraft and the Sun, started at 0609 UT and ended at 0720 UT. This movie ... tags: 171 2011 21 304 AIA angstrom astronomy