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阿明問: 中天新聞的錢那麼多, ...

12/4/11 Two days ago, ran a report on the AIT's new spokesman who will be taking over next year in Taiwan. apparently thinks that this new ... tags: ahbying AIT Charlie CTI Sheen TaiwanAhbying

阿明説:馬英九不用 home stay, 他 STAY HOME 就好了

11/9/11 Last week, President started his 'home stay' tour around Taiwan where he sleeps over at people's places for a night. How sleeping ... tags: ahbying election home stay TaiwanAhbyingelection

阿明問: ...

10/30/11 On 10/28, informed us that Taiwan now has a new enemy But who has recently proposed to sign a peace agreement with China within ... tags: agreement ahbying climate enemy peace Taiwan treaty

阿明問: ...

11/2/11 Yesterday, and expressed hopes that even with the latest economic downturn Taiwanese companies refrain from using unpaid leave . ... tags: ahbying leave Taiwan unpaidAhbyingleaveTaiwan

阿明問: ...

10/20/11 On 10/17, during one of his Golden Decade press conferences, said he would not rule out signing a peace agreement with China ... tags: agreement ahbying China election peace Taiwan Tibet

阿明說: 如果中國學生要來台灣讀書, ...

10/2/11 Last month, Taiwan opened its doors to allow Chinese students to enroll at universities throughout the country. Chinese students do ... tags: ahbying Chinese PTS students TaiwanAhbyingChinese

阿明問: Derrick Rose 是NBA 的MVP, ...

9/25/11 Yesterday, in , attended a campaign rally organized by local sports groups. At the event, showcased his basketball skills for all ... tags: ahbying Basketball Derrick MVP NBA Rose Rtbulls23x


9/22/11 Recently, has been holding these Facebook gatherings where his 'fans' basically get to take pictures with him. On 9/18, in , was ... tags: ahbying Facebook TaiwanAhbyingFacebookTaiwan

阿明問: ...

9/18/11 The past few days, both and have been touring the US in preparation for the 2012 Taiwanese presidential election. On 9/14, ... tags: ahbying Consensus TaiwanAhbyingConsensusTaiwan

阿明說: 馬英九新的口號, "I am a ROCer" ...

7/28/11 's campaign office has been rather busy the past month. A few weeks ago 7/13 apparently it was dress-up day. Yesterday, they ... tags: ahbying campaign rocer slogan TaiwanAhbyingcampaign

阿明說: 請中國觀光客尊重台灣

7/24/11 Last month, Taiwan lifted travel restrictions and began allowing individual Chinese tourists to visit the nation. About a month ... tags: ahbying Chinese gone Taiwan tourists wildAhbying

阿明問: 你們喜歡看網友新聞嗎?

7/21/11 In Taiwan, all TV news stations have been doing more and more netizen news reports. What I call is where reporters just go to ... tags: 9th ahbying Instrumental Mansion Media Netizen News