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Demonic Shadow Jumping on Wall in Abandoned House

From 330-347 we captured a shadow, which appears to be evil, jumping on the wall. It then appears to manifest itself and bends down in the ... tags: 0899 Abandoned Antiques Caught cs Death Evil

Save Your Relationship From Toxic People

My relationship was sabotaged for two weeks by two evil people. Never take advice from fools. I will tell you how to save your relationship ... tags: 0899 Christians cs Evil Faux From Fundamentalists

Unidentifed Object Changing Colors and Morphing

This object appears to be closer to Earth's horizon now. It is south of Orion. tags: 0899 and Changing Colors cs Elenin mia

Strange Object in Sky - Could This Be Elenin?

I captured what appears to be a tetrahedron shaped object in the sky on 9/16/11 1205-1210 am In PA, EST. The object flickers and appears ... tags: 0899 alien Alignment binarydwarf cs Earth Eastern

Look Who's Going to Denver When Elenin Makes Closest Alignment

Elenin's next alignment with Earth will be on 9/27/11. President Obama will be in Denver on 9/27/11. Dick Cheney and George W. Bush will ... tags: 0899 9/27/11 Airport Alignment Bush Cheney CIA

9/11/2001 Where Were You? "I Will Never Forget!"

I will never forget where I was and what I was doing on 9/11/2001 when we were attacked on American soil. I will share my experiences. ... tags: 0899 anniversary Attack Bush Center cs Forget

9/11 "Killing in the Name of...."

I talk about extremists of every religion. Every race and religion/non-religion were victims. I also ask you do you feel safer with ... tags: 0899 9/11/01 Alqueda america bush cheney cia

UFO Warning By Crop Circles

Crop circles have become very intricate and Dr. Taylor, Physicist of Oregon U. says they have to be created from mircrowave or GPS. These ... tags: 0899 alien Aliens Alignment Benoit Circles circleswarning

Hurricane Irene is on It's Way Here

I live in PA and it's starting to pour as Hurricane Irene will be approaching. There has been two tornadoes in DE in the past hour. 1.4 ... tags: 0899 Anxiety CDC Coast cs East EPA

Preparedness 101: Change Your Underwear

My parents always told me to put clean underwear on in case there's an emergency. tags: 0899 Change Comedy cs EMT Hurricane Irene

Tapes Disclose Lyndon B. Johnson and Texas Tycoon Ordered Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy is going to release tapes that Jackie Kennedy made shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jackie ... tags: 0899 Book Caroline CIA cs Cuba cyberlink