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Get the facts: After taking office, President Obama signed the Recovery Act to help get our economy back on track. As a result: -The US has seen 22 consecutive months of private-sector job growth. -The private sector added more than 3.1 million jobs over those 22 months,. -Manufacturing added 334000 jobs in the last two years, the first time since 1997 that manufacturing employment rose. -The President passed legislation to create jobs and supporting working Americans, including: -A payroll tax cut for all working families, providing the average working family with a $1000 tax cut in 2011. -Expansion of small business loan programs to help small business access credit and create jobs. -Initiatives to help veterans transition to post-service careers. -Tax incentives for businesses that hire unemployed veterans. The President's decision to provide emergency loans to the auto industry: -Saved more than 1.4 million American jobs. -Prevented personal income losses over two years of more than $96 billion. -Helped make the big three (Chrysler, GM, and Ford) all profitable for the first time in years.