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To see more from the AT&T Archives, visit As gas prices in the last few years flirt with (and occasionally exceed) $4 per gallon, this film couldn't be more timely — it's all about methods and techniques to save on gas when driving. It was made during the height of late-'70s energy crisis. The skeptical protagonist is swayed when he drives a car with a miles-per-gallon readout (a common feature on today's cars). He finds that, basically, the following make the "difference": * Driving the speed limit—which was, then, double nickels. Today it's higher and you use more gas following it * Not driving jerkily. No, not in attitude, but starting and stopping more smoothly rather than in exaggerated accelerations and decelerations * Not burdening your vehicle with extra cargo * Keeping tires properly inflated This film was made for Bell employees to save costs both with work vehicles and in their home lives. Footage courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ