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Sign up and start making some calls: Jim Messina, Campaign Manager: A few days ago, we passed a very big number: 1 million person-to-person conversations held between supporters. The millionth conversation was between a Colorado volunteer named Betsy and a Denver man named Gregory -- a 66-year-old who'd never gotten involved with us before, not even in 08. As a result of the conversation he had with our organizers in Colorado, Gregory attended a one-year-out event in his area on November 6th. And moving forward, he's planning on continuing to volunteer in his community. Think about this for a sec: one million conversations between volunteers and supporters in communities all across this country. - 97230 of these conversations happened in Florida - 83959 happened in North Carolina - 74170 happened in Nevada You hear me talk about metrics all the time and it's true, I believe very deeply in them. But we're a people campaign based on person-to-person contact talking about the President. You know volunteers all come in because they're excited about the President, but the reason why they stay is because of you. Your commitment, your passion, what you bring to this campaign. You are our secret weapon. Go to our campaign's call tool at and start reaching out to voters in your area. All you have to do is dial the number, and start a conversation of your own.