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Honor our military veterans: This Veterans Day, we're honoring our nation's veterans and military families for their service. Leave a personal note of thanks or share your reason for celebrating our men and women in uniform: President Barack Obama, November 11, 2011: "This Veterans Day, we honor the service and sacrifice of all who have worn the uniform of the United States of America with honor and distinction. And we commit ourselves to serving them as well as they've served us. That commitment takes on a deeper meaning this year. When I ran for this office, I promised to bring the Iraq War to a responsible end. Thanks to the heroic efforts of our men and women in uniform, that's what we're doing. As many of our servicemembers return home for the holidays, they'll be joining the nearly 3 million servicemembers who have transitioned back to civilian life over the past decade -- and more will join them as we wind down the war in Afghanistan. This 9/11 Generation of veterans has already earned a special place in our history alongside the millions who have served through the decades. But they're coming home to tough economic times. Many wonder how they'll find a job, or keep up with the bills, or put a child through college. America has a sacred trust with our veterans -- to guarantee you the care and benefits you've earned, and the chance to share in the opportunity you defend. These aren't just words to be said -- they're promises to ...