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To see more tech conference presentations, visit From the conference web site: Chris Allen, Red5 project leader and Infrared5 CEO, will showcase some of the latest innovations his company is working on, and how they kept busy in a down economy. Chris will cover working with Flash, Flex and Red5, as well as other emerging platforms like the iPhone and Unity 3D. He will demonstrate how to use and combine these technologies to create next generation user experiences. Topics ranging from game development to building RIAs will be covered. Chris also hopes to show ActionScript programmers that learning new languages like Java, Objective C, C# or C isn't as daunting as it might seem, and while sounding scary, developing with libraries like openCV is not rocket science. With extensive experience developing for the Flash platform and Java, Chris Allen is a leader in the Open Source Flash community. Over the last 10 years he has been a software architect and developer for various companies including Cambridge Technology Partners, Mass General Hospital and Scholastic. Chris is currently president and CEO of Infrared5, a consulting firm built around services for Red5 server, iPhone, Unity 3D and the Flash platform. He is also co-project manager and a Java developer for the Open Source Red5 project. Originally recorded at the Flash and the City Conference in New York City on June 10th, 2011.