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MeFeedia for iPad

MeFeedia for iPad

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we endeavour to deliver perfect products first time, every time. Sometimes that is not possible.

If something is not going the way you expected, send us a message or try the common questions below.

What is MeFeedia for iPad?
MeFeedia for iPad is an iPad app which helps you discover videos from a range of sites like YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion.
Where can I find MeFeedia for iPad?
Visit the App store.
What iPad versions does the app work on?
MeFeedia for iPad supports iPad 1 and 2
Is there a MeFeedia for Android Tablets?
Yes. MeFeedia for Android Tablets is on our MeFeedia for Android Tablets page.
How much is the app?
Free. There are no subscriptions or in-app charges.
How do I use the app?
Swipe across the thumbnails to find a video you are interested in. Swipe left to revisit your history. Click 'Next' to see another video. Press the play button to start playing.
What is Watch Later?
Watch Later is a private (and local) playlist that shows videos you bookmark, allowing you to watch at your leisure.
What are Settings?
The settings tab allows you to enable or disable any category (genre) you choose. By default MeFeedia for iPad enables all categories to give you a broad selection of video.
What are Stats?
MeFeedia for iPad stores the total amount of time spent watching, your likes & your ranking (rankings are just for fun).
What are Like & Dislike?
Just a fun way to let us know what kind of videos you like & dislike. Over time our system will use this information to deliver better videos.
Can I get more information about a video?
Click the info button below any thumbnail for more information.
What are the Twitter & Facebook buttons?
The Twitter & Facebook buttons allow you to share any video with anyone on the web (not just iPad).
What is with the versioning?
Our apps are based on elements found in nature, each version is a Limited Edition & will not be repeated. Our first release (and current version) is named Argon, the Noble Gas.
Is there a MeFeedia for iPhone?
Yes. MeFeedia for iPhone is available from the App Store .
Problems, questions & more
If we haven't answered your questions, please get in touch or mail and we will see what we can do.*
*Every email will be personally read by our CEO, Frank
You can also find him on twitter. :)
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