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ORGANIC ARMOR FOR YOUR DOG OF WAR from Jon Spooner on Vimeo.

There are all sorts of things we need to worry about with our dogs: pooping on the carpet; humping things not meant for humping. You might think carefully keeping tabs would take care of things. Oh really? Is that what you think? Have you considered that your dog could just be out minding its business and get ambushed by a Chihuahua in a tank that shoots parasites and dive-bombing cats with blood on their tiny minds? Didn’t think of that little scenario, did you?Of course you didn’t! It’s insane. That could never happen. The idea of anything on earth taking that much trouble to liquidate a pug is wildly crazy. If this needs to be explained further, you are the person who made this organic dog armor. It’s completely impossible that you are anyone else.

Cast: Jon Spooner