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This weekend, take some time to escape from the business and stress of your daily grind and make a hammock and lay around in it.


MP4 | | Youtube | iTunes | PDF 


Watch the video and print out this snazzy PDF.  Now get to it!  You’re going to need a few other materials to create this project:

3 1/2 Yards of durable fabric. (less if you’re shorter than me - I’m 6′1")Rope that is rated to hold humans.  Climbing rope or that kind of strapping that’s used to tie down stuff on the back of pickup trucks. Use better judgment than I did.  Clothesline is not an option! (My butt still hurts!)Sewing machine and thread.

Make a double folded hem for the sides and a tube at the top and the bottom.  Go ahead and customize it if you like.  On one of the hammocks I made for a friend, I added pockets!

Make sure to take photos and upload them to flickr and put them in the Etsy in Action flickr pool. 

Safety: As you can see in the video, you do this project at your own risk. In retrospect, I wish I had used better rope rated for holding up humans and also had my hammock closer to the ground so I wouldn’t have fallen so far! I’m going to go get some climbing rope or strapping to avoid hurting myself again. (I bruised my butt!)

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