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An independent film, or indie film, is a film that is produced outside of any major film studio. Though its oligopolistic practices were officially ended by the Paramount Decision in 1948, all five Golden Age majors continue to exist in one form or another as major Hollywood studio entities through 2009. Paris Match Video: The Festival de Cannes, the Marché du Film, since its creation in 1959, has become a platform of exchanges between professionals from all around the world. Each year, producers, international sellers, distributors and financiers meet up in Cannes to form partnerships for tomorrows films. In 2009, the Marché welcomed more than 10,500 international participants from 97 countries and representing 4,173 companies. Cannes and Filmbay is a collective good that each of us, wherever we are and in our own individual way, builds stone by stone, year after year. Its through never ceasing to question, through constantly evolving, and through inviting criticism, that we do it the most good. Although solidly rooted in its own history, Cannes is always open to newness.