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Les Cinq Siamoises, 5' 10'', 2006, music: Wax Tailor from the album "Tales of the forgotten melodies" Lab'oratoiré / Undercover music."Les cinq Siamoises" (Five Siameses) is a mental trip into the brain of a hypnotized woman. Music accompanies the elaboration of images drawn from a complete fantasy. We follow the music images from the deptsh of a fantasy. Born in 1976, Hugo Arcier works and lives in Paris, he is computer graphics designer and has worked on special effects for movies such as "Renaissance" and "A long sunday". His artistic work is woven up from moments of daily life. The quotdian is deformed and transformed: time is stretched, movement fractured.Hugo Arcier web: www.yaschik.netThe video corresponds to the dvd "Talents: The art video collection" :e Cube. Special Issue.