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Check out the videos we're featuring today:Japanese finance minister drunk at G-7 (miolesou) Inspired By Kittens Inspired By Kittens (steeeztube) after the Divorce (crazyworld34) watching kittens inspired by kittens (atlgirljj) NICOLEMagic Loop (theknitwitch) - Recap "Power Hungry" airing 10/14! (FoxBroadcasting) - J.J. Abrams (FoxBroadcasting) "Channel 4 Newsbusters" Promo (KMOVNews4StLouis) CORRESPONDENT SUBMISSIONFav 3 for PopTub Daily (bdsninja) loses fight to next karate kid (real fight) (tinger) Pooter Episode Nine FARTING IN PUBLIC! (jackvalefilms) and The Pooter...Bartle Doo!! (edbassmaster) SIX PACKRubik's TouchCube - The first completely electronic, solvable Rubik's Cube! (TechnoSourceUSA) guy confuses pants with his shirt (BeastsFromTheEast) Dance Caught on Celtics Jumbotron (FrankTinsley) Beatbox (Prizm4) Great Dane Puppy sits on Samoyed Puppy (AnnBethChinchillo) Walking Dog (dunryukan) The cream of YouTube's crop, the apple of YouTube's eye, the sunshine of YouTube's life.

Author: POPTUB
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Added: February 17, 2009