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Science & Reason on Facebook: Rights: Weathering The Storm - A Response To NOM's Gathering Storm (National Organization for Marriage). If you don't support gay / same-sex marriage, you don't support equal rights!---Please subscribe to Science & Reason:•••• Not Laws aspires to show that Margaret Mead was correct when she said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."None of the people who appear in this video received any compensation for their time. None of the people who worked on this video received any compensation for their time. All materials used to create the video were donated. We simply came together to promote the ideals of love and equality.Love Not Laws is a coalition of people of various ages, races, and beliefs, who came together to show solidarity and support for same-sex marriage. In response to videos that are circulating the internet that use fear and falsehoods to promote an offensive agenda of "separate and unequal", Love Not Laws created a video that was grounded in compassion, emotion, and heart.If you oppose same-sex marriage, this video might cause you to examine your own biases. If you are in support of same-sex marriage, this video might inspire you to act. And if you feel that you are too small, or that your efforts won't matter, Love Not Laws asks you to remember that they were a group of people who, individually thought they could do nothing... but together, were able to accomplish something bigger than all of us.Original video by lovenotlaws:••