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***PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY***Hey Everyone,Sorry I havent made a videos in awhile again, It's just im really busyanyway heres my new CPMVSong Used:Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Alive-:-:-:-:Disclaimer:-:-:-:-[Disclaimer by Sneezy26]The song "Alive" by Natalie Bassingthwaighte and its copyright belong to Universal Music Group ( oup). I, in no way, have anything to do with this company, and the copyright of the audio used in this video, is owned by them. However, I created the editing in this video. This video was used to entertain my subscribers and viewers, not in any way for profit or redistribution reasons.Club Penguin is a registered trademark of the Disney cooperation. The only way in which I am connected to this game is the fact that I play the game.Other than the fact that I play the game "Club Penguin", I have nothing to do with Club Penguin.In other words, i do not own the audio used in the presentation in ANYWAY and it is all owned by the copyright owner which is UMG (Universal music group, ) and in no way do i claim the audio in this video as mine. get it UMG? cant take my vidoe down now, huh? :]This Video Was Made By Madhill9.