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The final episode of the current Blogariddims series. Paul Autonomic presents 'Moving South,' an Ableton mix of up-style beats from the pioneers of the mutant groove. Full tracklisting and notes can be found at[00:00] 1. Ricardo Villalobos 'Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 1' (Playhouse)[02:00] 2. Phylyps 'Untitled A' Trak II (Basic Channel)[06:15] 3. Rhythm and Sound with Tikiman 'Music a Fe Rule' (Rhythm and Sound)[11:30] 4. Junior Boys 'Like a Child' Carl Craig Remix (Domnino)[14:00] 5. Henry and Louis meets Blue and Red 'Answer' Pinch Remix (2 Kings)[15:30] 6. Shackleton 'I Want to Eat You' (Mordant Music)[20:00] 7. Shackleton 'Tin Foil Sky' (Skull Disco)[22:00] 8. Mike Oldfield 'Evacuation' The Killing Fields OST (Virgin)[23:15] 9. RSD 'Pretty Bright Light' (Punch Drunk)[25:30] 10. Massive Music and kode9 'Find My Way' (Hyperdub)[28:00] 11. Mala 'Left Leg Out' (DMZ)[31:30] 12. Smith and Mighty 'B-Line Fi Blow' (Studio !K7)[34:30] 13. Junior Boys 'Double Shadow' kode9 Remix w/ Space Ape (Domino)[37:15] 14. TRG 'Put You Down' (Hessle Audio)[39:30] 15. Mala 'Bury the Bwoy' (DMZ)[41:30] 16. kode9 'Magnetic City' (Soul Jazz)[42:30] 17. Peverelist 'The Grind' (Punch Drunk)[44:00] 18. Substance and Vainqueur 'Immersion' (Scion Versions)[46:30] 19. Mala 'Forgive' (Deep Medi)[52:00] 20. Shackleton 'You Bring Me Down' (Skull Disco)[57:00] 21. Polmo Polpo 'Like Hearts Swelling' (Constellation)[64:00] 22. Burial 'Gutted' (Hyperdub)See for more info