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"Citizen's Cry" - An Internet Video Produced to Inspire the Youth of Today to Vote In a time of anticipation over the outcome of our national election, comes a voting message produced to inspire the youth of today to vote. Executive Producer Hooman Khalili and Adam Ottley, founder of RIVERCAVE Productions, brings us a voice from the future; a "citizen's cry" for what we must do today and not leave for tomorrow. Written by Adam Ottley and beautifully directed by Corey Rosen, whose credits include "Iron Man," "Superman Returns," "Star Wars," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and "War of the Worlds." "A Citizen's Cry" is a passionate endeavor made possible by Palm, Inc., which helped funded the project and created the landing page. Palm makes the Palm Centro, a wildly popular smartphone among American youth. WHY This video is a call to the American millennial generation, and the rest of the country, to speak now with our vote, so that our silence will not echo for generations to come. The "Citizen's Cry" makers are targeting the millennial generation specifically because less than 50% of them have ever voted in a presidential election. The youth vote of America is of unprecedented importance today; this is a vital audience that needs to be reached. Our responsibility to vote is our greatest opportunity for change. It is crucial for all generations, creeds and colors to take action. Help us spread the word. www ...