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This is for my fan fiction .hack//G.U Deceiving Phoenix. This is the second seriesThe fic can be found at 2Liam as his PC Seraph has been playing the world for a short time. Alongside his freinds Anthony/Ignis, Phillip/Umbra, Stacy/Amor and his half sister Utada/Vigoratus the group undertakes Corbies mission to rescue the fallen. To test and develop their abilities they enter the demon palace tournament. However freinds turn to enemies and new rivals appear. The ever looming neo phase is about to awaken to start its rampage. Just what will happen inside 'the world'.ChaptersEnteranceDebutLimitDisasterCalmDeep endInterrogationRoseEnvoyKeySong: TargetPictures: Quilla/HyaruBest to watch it in high quality