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Cory Doctorow: Rethinking Property Rights in the Digital Age

Blogger and journalist Cory Doctorow discusses the confusing state of computer and personal property rights in the 21st century. He ...

Martin Dempsey: Cyber Attacks are Black Swan Threat to US

General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discusses the challenge of balancing the magnitude of a security threat with ...

Julia Child's Legacy: Ending Food 'Repression'

Judith Jones, author, editor, and an early champion of Julia Child's 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking', reflects on what it was that ...

Paul Ryan Argues Against Democrats' 'Mediscare' Tactics

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan counters claims that his Medicare proposal will severely damage the service. He argues that ...

America, You Sexy Bitch: Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black's Strip Club Stories

Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain visited strip clubs in Las Vegas while writing their book 'America, You Sexy Bitch', and the pair share ...

Autopilot Everywhere: Automation Could Lead to Unmanned Commercial Flight

MIT Professor Missy Cummings discusses how new developments in automated flight could change the nature of commercial shipping and ...

U.S. Security: 9/11 and Rapid Rise of Private Contractors

Washington Post journalist Dana Priest explains how, in the weeks following the 9/11 attack, Congress' security funding precipitated a ...

The Nation's Chris Hayes: Why Our Elites and Leaders Fail

MSNBC Host and Editor-at-Large of The Nation Chris Hayes argues that the decline of meritocracy in U.S. leadership is resulting in elites ...

Curiosity and the Legacy of the Mars Rover Program

William J. Clancey, Chief Scientist of Human-Centered Computing at the Intelligent Systems Division of the NASA Ames Center, discusses the ...

Down to a Science: The Right Way to Pour and Taste a Beer

Dave McLean, owner and brewmaster of San Francisco's Magnolia Pub and Brewery, demonstrates the proper way to enjoy a beer.'We usually ...

The Making of a Never-Ending Water Slide Simulator

'Prototype This' hosts Joe Grand and Zoz Brooks detail the process of building a simulator that mimcs a never-ending water slide, the ...

'The Obama M.O.': Assassinate with Drones and Commandos

Andrew J. Bacevich, Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University, discusses the consequences of the Obama ...