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Description: Valerie In Toronto

Description: Valerie In Toronto

A personal, sometimes-profane primer on things particular to Toronto and Canada, from a radio refugee born in the USA but Canadian by ...

Description for the Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting, 2013

Walking through Trinity-Bellwoods Park talking about the past year, podcasts I like now, and nothing. This is the podcast I forgot to ...

Description For the Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting 2012

This year, Valerie and Matt are on a bus in Bristol UK, trying to review her last two months here.Download directlyAll of this is ...

Description for the Canadian National Day of Podcasting 2011

A year to the day since the last Description podcast episode, Valerie stands on a windy beach in Shediac, New Brunswick and tries to update ...

Description Daily: December 1st

For the Canadian National Day of Podcasting, Matt and Valerie review their National Podcast Post Month, with what they did and didn't ...

Description Daily 30

With pauses edited out, Matt talks on the phone with his pub landlord friend Ben, who fills in the holes of a story in which Matt shoots ...

Description Daily 29

Elsewhere in Valerie's podcast scenes from the cult favourite Dementia 13, part of Episode 148 of Movies For the ...

Description Daily 28

In Ohio, while watching a Manchester United game on tv, Valerie dad and Matt compare notes on their respective versions of ...

Description Daily 27

Matt and Valerie walk through downtown Buffalo, New York and inevitably go into a Tim Horton's.Download directly or SubscribeWhat's going ...

Description Daily 26

With pretty bad sound quality, Valerie finds out more about one of Matt's favourite songs as a spanner British for nerd, as he means it, ...

Description Daily 25

In High Park, Matt and Valerie chat with two women taking care of a well-behaved Sheltie dog with a difficult home life.Download directly ...

Description Daily 24

From another proper Description episode not completed, Valerie starts a soundseeing tour of the Art Gallery of Ontario and settles herself ...

Description Daily 23

After Matt finds himself onstage with seven other guys doing another podcast, he and Valerie who gets too loud again - sorry discuss ...