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Ockham's Razor - Program podcast

Ockham's Razor - Program Podcast

William of Ockham was an English monk, philosopher, theologian, who provided the scientific method with its key principle 700 years ago. ...

Biodiversity hotspots in the southwest region of Western Australia

Perth based journalist and author Victoria Laurie talks about the flora and fauna of Western Australia's southwest region, a 'biodiversity ...

50th Anniversary of Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring'

Jonathon Porritt is the Founder Director of Forum for the Future in London. In this talk he celebrates the 50th anniversary of Rachel ...

The effect of climate change in Antarctica

David Neilson is a photographer from Emerald in Victoria. David has made six trips to Antarctica between 1990 and 2009 and in this program ...

Japanese Disasters

Roger Pulvers is the Head of the Center for the Study of World Civilizations at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and talks about the ...

Parkinson's Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation

Sally Hunter is an author from Adelaide and she has written a book called You Can't Keep A Good Man Down - From Parkinson's To A New Life ...

John Graunt and the birth of medical statistics

In London, in 1662, 350 years ago, John Graunt published a booklet which was the beginning of medical statistics, of epidemiology and of ...

Building London's sewerage system: an engineering wonder with lessons for today

London's sewerage system is seen as wonder of the engineering world. The challenges in getting it built are mirrored in the big ...

Diet and ADHD

Joan Breakey, a dietitian from Brisbane, asks the question why, after 35 years, the controversy about diet and Attention Deficit ...

Was Australia intended as a hemp colony?

Two hundred years ago hemp, cannabis sativa, was used as the basis for sail and rope. In the Age of Sail hemp was as important as oil is in ...

Ockham's Magic Razor

Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology at Monash University, John Bradshaw, talks about how the media may open doors to research. He ...

Six products I want to see

Independent computer programmer and inventor Geoff Hudson from Melbourne talks about some possible inventions which could be useful in the ...

Australia's population debate

Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe from Griffith University in Brisbane has recently published a book called Bigger or Better, in which he ...