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Rear Vision - Program podcast

Rear Vision - Program Podcast

We tease out the complex history behind those baffling events in the news.

The Vatican City: the smallest nation on earth

The Vatican City is a landlocked nation state consisting of 110 acres and a population of just over 800, yet it has its own police force, ...

India's economic accelerator

Last month the Indian government announced that it would open up the countrys massive retail sector to foreign supermarkets, the first of a ...

Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church

The recent Pussy Riot Affair has brought the issue of the relationship between President Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church to ...

Tasmania; divided state

The announcement last month by Tasmanias biggest timber company, Gunns, that it was going into voluntary administration is the latest ...

Hugo Chavez, the unlikely president

It's hard to find a more polarising figure than the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.On October 7, he goes to the polls looking for a ...

Australia's eugenic heritage

The idea of eugenics was popular with intellectuals across the globe during early 20th centuries. What was Australia's connection with the ...

A tale of two cities; East and West Berlin

On the 3 October, Germany will celebrate 22 years of reunification. Rear Vision puts the spotlight on Berlin, a city that was for almost 30 ...

Mission impossible: why Kofi Annan's peace plan for Syria failed

In the years to come, when the history of Syria's civil war is written, one of the key questions will be how and why did Kofi Annans peace ...

German money; Germany and the euro

Since the financial crisis in the euro zone began in 2010, weve heard a lot about the plight of people in Ireland, Greece and Spain as ...

Finland: the real education revolution

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have both talked about an education revolution. In Finland they have already had one and created the best ...

Private military and security companies

The scandal over a shortfall in security in the lead up to the recent London Olympic Games illustrated the degree to which governments have ...

Mali: A nation in turmoil

For 20 years the nation of Mali was Africas democratic poster boy. Then within a couple of months the elected president was removed in a ...