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Gorilla Warfare - Exciting TV news, Funbag Friday + New Youtube Layout

Well Funbag Friday is being messed up with the new Youtube Layout LET ME KNOW YOUR VIEWS ON THE LAYOUT so I am doing this last one until I ...

Thrill Ride Baby

We bought an electric swing chair for our baby daughter Cherry. It's supposed to be really soothing and help them sleep but it went a bit ...

Christmas Snow Effect - Sony Vegas Tutorial

I was asked if it was possible to create a snow effect in Sony Vegas. There is no real particle generator in Vegas but I have figured a way ...

A Wrong Shave - The Beard Trim Incident

Our baby daughter doesn't like it when I grow stubble so I went out and bought a hair and beard trimming set and decided to get rid of the ...

Bionic Dwarf - Funbag Update

To get the Funbag Friday Tshirt give away and shout out feature back on track, there is no winner this week and will resume next ...

FunBag err Sunday! Tshirt giveaway and shoutouts

Funbag Friday became Funbag Sunday today as I was at hospital on Friday and was not up to making the video time to give a ...

Super Slow Motion - Varying video speed Sony Vegas Tutorial

There are many ways to speed up and slow down video footage. For best slow mo the higher fram rate camera the better. In this Sony Vegas ...

Glass Text - Sony Vegas Tutorial

I was promted by Sonicmoose1999 to make a tutorial on Text that looks like glass or liquid in Sony Vegas. There are several ways to do it ...

Rotation - Make a Real time Clock Sony Vegas Tutorial

There are many ways to rotate objects in Sony Vegas. In this tutorial i show you how to roatate objects in real time by making a working ...

Cute Baby Giggles

Cherry is just discovering her laugh and giggle so for the feel good factor just had to upload just as it is so cute After her bath tonight ...

Britain In A Day - Little Rich and Family

This is my contribution to the Film Project Britain in a Day. A little Family time looking out how the world has changed since I left ...

Fun Bag Friday Tshirt Give away and shoutouts

Yes it's Friday it's time to shout out some peeps and give away a Little Rich Funbag containing a Tshirt, badges and fridge magnets..lucky ...