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Two Suns/Binary Dwarf/Nibiru?

I took these pics through my LG smartphone 1/8/14 at 908 and 909 EST in PA. They were taken outside directly at the Sun and not through any ...

Dark Apparition Captured Moving Inside Abandoned Church and Gun Shot

I went back out to, 'Katie's Church' during the day so I could show you what this abandoned church looked like. I slowed down one section ...

Paranormal Investigation at Abandoned Church

This abandoned church in Whitehall, PA is full of evil. There are so many class A EVPs that you will hear throughout the entire video. I ...

Predictions 2014 Deadly Virus, War, Impending Natural Disaster

I extrapolated some of my predictions from current news including the 15000 Russian troops hired for Fema Zone 3 for an impending disaster. ...

Negative/Toxic People and Why We Encounter Them

I discuss why we encounter negative or toxic people. Sometimes, we chart them into our lives especially when it comes to family. Others, ...

15,000 Russian Troops to Work Here in USA and 1.6 Rounds of Ammunition Ordered by DHS

15000 Russian troops request made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Dept. of Homeland Security and President Obama for 'Upcoming ...

True History - Rothschilds Killed JFK, Lincoln, and almost Andrew Jackson and NWO

I am compelled to make this video which is taking a risk on my part but the truth needs to be told. JFK had exec order in place making our ...

My Witch's Spell For Youth

In this video for Halloween I am a witch and I have a new spell to make me retrieve my youth. I needed a few things for this spell to work ...

Voter Fraud Made Easy

In the State of PA it was ruled by the PA Supreme Court that picture identification would not be asked to be seen as this was considered ...

Fallen Soldiers Death Benefits Not Covered and New Debt Ceiling Extension for 6 Weeks

Five fallen soldiers killed in Aghanistan last weekend will have benefits covered by the Fisher Family Foundation. This is a disgrace that ...

Doomsday is Coming and President Obama to Blame

Doomsday is coming and that is on 10/17/13 when the USA can likely default if the debt ceiling isn't raised. President Obama refuses to ...

Government Shut Down Obama Over Spending!

Government Shut Down Imminent at 12 AM October, 1 2013. I feel President Obama is spending too much and 16.7 trillion deficit proves it. ...