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Lion Tip 1: Quick Look

HELLO - So in this video I talk about my first Lion Tip, Quick Look, which is a quick way to preview documents, videos etc. without opening ...

Unboxing & Review of the Nuu BaseCase (iPad 2)

HELLO - So this is an unboxing and review of the BaseCase by Nuu, a hard shell plastic cover for the back of the iPad 2. The unique thing ...

Mac App Review: Scrambler (v1.0)

HELLO - So in this Mac App Review, I am reviewing an application called 'Scrambler' v1.0, which is an application used to encrypt and ...

Apple vs's about to happen !

HELLO - So yesterday, 7th September 2011 HTC decided to sue Apple once again BUT using Patents given to them by Google This is now an ...

Apple News & Rumours: Part 28 (Lost iPhone 5, Final Cut Studio, 4" Screen, USB 3.0)

HELLO - So in Apple News Rumors Part 28, I talk about the story of the lost iPhone 5 and Apple sending in there security team to retrieve ...

HTC Windows Phone 7.5 London Event (Live) (720p)

HELLO - So on the 1st September 2011, HTC had a Windows Phone 7.5 Event in London, Victoria House to show case two new phones running ...

Is Mac OSX Lion The New Vista For Apple ?

HELLO - In the last few days, I've had a lot of people say to me that Mac OSX Lion is the new Vista for Apple. In the sense that, its not a ...

iOS Competitors Part 2: Research In Motion (RIM)

HELLO - So this is Part 2 of a mini series in which I give you my thoughts and opinions on various competitors to iOS/iPhone. This time I ...

BREAKING NEWS: Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO

HELLO - 24th August 2011 and Steve Jobs has announced his resignation as Apple CEO. TIME TO TALK 1. ...

People Don't Want Tablets, They Want iPads

HELLO - This is a title/headline of MANY articles that have been up on the web for the last 6-12 months, and I sometimes get confused by ...

Tour Of A Geeks Room (August 2011) (720p)

HELLO - Hey guys, so FINALLY I have managed to film a 'Tour Of A Geeks Room'. For those of you that are not familiar with these type of ...

iOS Competitors Part 1: WebOS (Death of WebOS)

HELLO - So this is Part 1 of a few videos in which I give you my views and opinions on various competitors to iOS, so mobile phone or ...