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With more than 50 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the world's largest news site on social media, technology and digital culture.

A Conversation With TeamCrafted, Minecraft's Biggest Stars

Mashable hosted a live Hangout with TeamCrafted members Ryan xRpMx13 and JeromeASF to talk all things Minecraft, YouTube and power moves, ...

7 Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

Invention requires as much risk as it does ingenuity. Sometimes, risk can outweigh its counterpart, and things end in disaster. Here are ...

The Secrets Hiding 1,000 Feet Under the Ocean

The Exosuit is an aluminum diving suit that allows divers to plunge more than 1000 feet underwater. Scientists will be using it to collect ...

Ukraine Crisis: The Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

By now you've probably seen that we're dealing with a complex geopolitical international crisis in Ukraine. But chances are, if you're ...

What It's Like to Be a Red Carpet Reporter

Is this really one of the most glamorous jobs in the world Mashable's red carpet reporter and associate entertainment editor, Brian Anthony ...

Samsung's Big Week: Mobile World Congress Recap

Samsung used Mobile World Congress to not only unveil a new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, but also to showcase three new wearable ...

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a contentious topic that has been the subject of numerous debates and continues to make news almost every day. So what is ...

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Gear Fit

A first look at the new Gear Fit, Samsung's latest in wearable fitness tech. For more tech coverage, subscribe to Mashable at the link below

Samsung Galaxy S5 Can Refocus Pictures After You Take Them

A first look at how the camera on the Galaxy S5 takes photos that you can focus after the fact. For more tech coverage, subscribe to ...

How the Samsung Galaxy S5 Measures Your Heart Rate

A first look at how the Galaxy S5 monitors heart rate using an app. For more tech coverage, subscribe to Mashable at the link below

Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 @ Mobile World Congress 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, while also boasting changeable wrist straps and a stand-alone music ...

Hands On: Samsung Galaxy S5 @ Mobile World Congress 2014

Samsung's waterproof, dustproof Galaxy S5 boasts real-time HDR photography and a host of other features. Mashable's Stan Schroeder goes ...