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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

This hard-hitting and emotional series from NBC's 'Law Order' brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New ...

Conned (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 19

A young man thought to be murdered turns up alive, and becomes the prime suspect in his friend's death.

Bedtime (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 18

The cops hunt down a serial rapist and murders spanning thirty years, but when one of the cases doesn't match up, they must also solve a ...

Disabled (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 17

The horrifying rape and abuse of a disabled woman sends the cops on an investigation of those closest to her

Witness (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 16

A woman is raped, and the only eyewitness disappears for fear of being deported to her home country, which is fraught with death and ...

Confidential (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 15

A womans murder is linked to a vast Ponzi scheme and reopens the solved case of a similar crime twenty years ago.

Shadow (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 12

The brutal murder of a wealthy couple leads to a fraud detective, whose main suspect may also be a killer.

Quickie (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 11

A woman found dead after a quickie with a stranger is also found to be HIV-positive, and the hunt is on for the man whos knowingly ...

Anchor (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 10

The anchor babies of immigrant families are being killed, and the case puts immigration supporters against the radical fans of a hot-headed ...

Perverted (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 9

A member of a dangerous biker gang is killed, and Benson is the prime suspect.

Turmoil (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 8

Stablers personal life gets in the way of a rape case when his son goes missing.

Users (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 7

A young girl is murdered, and the cops blame a controlling therapist who thrives on his patients dependence.

Spooked (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 6

A couple connected to a powerful drug cartel is murdered, and help from the FBI becomes a dangerous obstacle to the investigation.