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I love Survival Multiplayer Redstone, awesome combination right D Playing survival is the source of my inspiration so expect ...

Minecraft: How to build an Automatic Netherportal, Redstone Tutorial

I promised you a litle tutorial on the Netherportal i use in the Acrology upper level. Which bascially ensures you don't get unwanted ...

Minecraft: Storage Sorting System, Redstone Showcase

I just wanted to show you guys quickly one segment of the Storage Sorting System i use in my let's play on the bloXCentric server. Little ...

Minecraft: How to build my Piston Elevator, Redstone Tutorial

This is the tutorial to my Piston Elevator showing you how to build it. This Piston Elevator is part of my Base on the bloXCentric server ...

Minecraft: How to build a simple Smart Shifting Floor Mob Trap, Redstone Showoff

Showing off one row of a tileable simple smart shifting floor design which i used for my Witch farm. I have no clue who came up with the ...

Minecraft: How to build a Fully Automated Mushroom Farm Tutorial 1.7.2

How to build a fully automated mushroom farm tutorial Well just do it as i did it in my SMP series. The build was done in Minecraft 1.7.2 ...

Minecraft: Redstone Comperator Pulse lengthener / extender

Redstone Pulse extender, Pulse lengthener with comperators

Minecraft: How to build a simple Cactus Clock Tutorial

This is just a simple tutorial on how to build a cactus clock like the one i used in my let's play series. Noting fancy but i was asked ...

Minecraft: Hopper Tutorial, Item sorting explained for everybody.

This hopper tutorial is about how to build Item sorting systems in minecraft 1.5.2 and most likely later releases as well. Starting by ...

Minecraft: how to build the Ultimate Chicken Farm Tutorial, eggs, feathers raw and cooked chicken

This tutorial will show you how to build the ultimate chicken farm providing eggs, feathers, raw and grilled chicken depending on operation ...

Minecraft: How to make an Automatic Farm, a Redstone Tutorial

This Redstone tutorial covers how to make an automatic farm machine for wheat, carrots, potatoes and cocoa beans. The farm will burn ...

Minecraft: How to build a Stylish Piston Door Tutorial

This redstone tutorial shows you how to build a stylish sci-fi / laboratory / facility piston door. It relies on an ABBA switch and is a ...